A padlock with a twist or an edge if you will

I’d like to welcome you all back to print fancy. It certainly has been a while, and there is only one person to blame for that – myself. So I’d like to apologise for my extended absence.

Now that’s over lets get onto the meat and potatoes, i.e. my explanation of what it is i’ll be discussing today. Many of you might consider this quite a boring subject, but after a bit of explanation, trust me, you’ll agree that it really isn’t. Padlocks is our subject today, but let me explain, I won’t be discussing just any old padlock, but a new one that is currently in development that will most probably change the world of security.

What makes this padlock different, I hear you ask? Well I’ll tell you now, but quickly let me point out all the drawbacks of your average padlock. This will help explain the benefits of the new one in a little while. Your average, everyday padlock can be used for many things such as locking and keeping a cupboard or toolkit safe, along with bikes and other vehicles. Although many padlocks, even some you can get cheaply are incredibly sturdy and secure, there is one blatant problem with them. They can still be broken into, and when this happens you are none the wiser. There is literally no way of you knowing, unless you are there as it is happening that you are being robbed, or at least someone is attempting to rob you.


This leads to further problems. What if someone does successfully rob you. By the time you’ve figured this out, the criminal is long gone, because you had no idea at the time that this was happening. If this has ever happened to you, then let me tell you that you are in luck. Currently there is a new padlock in development that completely solves this problem. It is a Qlock that has high security measures. It essentially has the ability to let you know exactly when someone is attempting to force your lock open and take your belongings. It uses to gsm to send a message to a mobile phone that you assign the lock to once you have it. The lock can sense when someone is tampering with it, and will send a message to your phone exactly as this is happening.

This is great as it gives you enough time to act, and essentially prevent the robbery. I think its a really cool idea. Unfortunately the lock is still in development, but I will let you know more about in the future, as soon as I learn more.

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A Skillful technology based consulting group

If you’re looking for a team that has a huge amount of experience in building and creating different electronic products, then you may be in luck.

This group is well adjusted to all the problems and obstacles that may arise when creating a product, but despite this they have fulfilled and completed a number of different projects that cover a wide range of niches.

Firstly it is worth noting that they successfully engineered an object that can successfully identify prints on fingers. This machine was built for use amongst security professionals in work places like theme parks and various transport terminals like airports.

The item that was custom built was remarkable and had many various uses and abilities. For example, the device had no issue with determining finger prints even if the person was wearing gloves or something else to cover their hands. Even more impressive than this, the device could still identify people even if their prints had previously been removed from their fingers.

Secondly, the team made a device that solved an issue that a particular hospital had. The hospital needed to be able to keep track over which of their staff and had been washing their hands regularly, and properly too.

The team, who like to call themselves loxley resources and shared services consulting, developed a unique soap dispenser, that had the ability to keep track of who had used it, via identifying with special wristbands that each member of staff had to wear.

Thirdly, the team was approached by a well known sweet and chocolate company that needed help with a potential promotion campaign they had in mind. The outcome of this request was the design of a fake chocolate bar that had the exact look and feel of an average bar you could buy in the supermarket or your local convenience store.

The point of this was to build a tracking device within this new, fake bar of chocolate. This would then be triggered as soon as it was purchased from any random store across the country. The company would then track the bar down via tracking, obviously find its owner, and reward them with a cash prize. Pretty clever!

A new beginning

Hey – This is Print Fancy aka William. I’ve started this blog because I’m a bit of a tech head and I wanted my own space where I could share my thoughts about new technology and what is currently exciting me.

I’m aiming to talk about a range things, from product reviews to rumours to my predictions for what’s going to happen in the future to the world of computer technology. I’m new to this whole blogging thing, so please go easy on me if you don’t especially like my writing.